LOCK+LOAD  recently introduced the plantable  panel that can be erected with any desired face batter, from vertical to terraced. This wall configuration is ideal in architecturally sensitive locations where a softer look is desired. Once the vegetation is established the retaining structure can blend into its surroundings to make a truly unobtrusive wall.
The standard LOCK+LOAD  wall fascia is constructed  from the chiseled limestone face cast by the  standard LOCK+LOAD moulds. Now with addition of  the plantable fascia LOCK+LOAD offers an  truly  green solution for earth retention needs in  environmentally sensitive areas. For further information contact the LOCK+LOAD  producer in your area.
LOCK+LOAD panel faces may also be plain flat  surfaced gray concrete that is sometimes required  for the application of certain “Anti-Graffiti” surface  treatments.
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New Vertical “Plantable Face” for Retaining Wall Structures!