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LOCK+LOAD is similar to GEOGRID WRAP walls since the wall is built of compacted soil layers but the wrap that makes the face is attractive durable concrete. This patented technology allows: full compaction at the wall face, consolidation within the reinforced zone, and provides a low stress environment for the concrete elements.   The modular cantilever makes LOCK+LOAD  superior to other wall fascias in that it provides the stability that allows the specified compaction all the way to the face of the retaining structure. E.G. fences, railings, barriers etc. can be located at the wall face, not 3 ft. behind. 
ALL OTHER modular concrete faced retaining walls are required to attached periodically to the soil  reinforcement. Each LOCK+LOAD module is individually anchored into to the soil mass… the panel is   attached to the counterfort by a “stainless steel connecting Loop” and the counterfort is anchored to the  reinforced soil mass by soil friction in much the same manner as geogrid wrap walls.  LOCK+LOAD has  completed extensive testing of this connection mechanism and millions of square feet of wall  are currently  faced with LOCK+LOAD.  
LOCK+LOAD, unlike most retaining wall facings does not stack  concrete to concrete; instead LOCK+LOAD is set on the compacted fill of the modules below. This allows for consolidation during  construction and prevents stress on the fascia.
LOCK+LOAD has taken the stabilizing function of  a cantilever and modularized it.  This modular  cantilever is unique, patented, and provides  numerous design and construction advantages  that  LOCK+LOAD uses to provide an optimum  facing for any retaining wall structure.