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The LOCK+LOAD counterfort measures 27” long x 6“ wide at its base  and 4.25” tall at the head and weighs ~40 Lb. Th counterfort is made  from 5500psi, air entrained, fiber reinforced concrete and reinforced  with a 10mm double hooked deformed re-bar.
The standard LOCK+LOAD panel face is 16” x 32” with a quarried stone finish. Maximum panel thickness is ~4” and weight is ~90 Lb.  Panels  are made from 5500psi, air entrained, fiber reinforced, concrete and  each panel is also reinforced with a corrosion resistant steel  (galvanized or stainless steel) connecting hoop for attachment to the  counterfort.
Half width panels are available to facilitate radius’ and other geometric  constraints. Half panels are made and reinforced in the same manner  as the LOCK+LOAD full panels.
Both Left and Right corner panels are available to facilitate creation of  strong attractive ninety degree “outside” corners in LOCK+LOAD walls.  The long side of each respective corner measures 27” & the short side  13” on the inside of the components. Corner pieces weigh `150 Lb each  and are made from the same material as the other components with  extra steel reinforcement.
LOCK+LOAD walls do not structurally require “capstones” as do many  masonry block walls but many times are desired for architectural reasons.  Therefore, an architectural trim piece have the same finish as the panel  face is available. The trim measures 32” x 12” x 4” and weighs ~100 lb. 
The newest LOCK+LOAD component is the plantable or “landscape”  panel. By rotating the wall panel outward by 30 degrees it possible to  create a ~6” wide planting area while still building a vertical face retaining wall. This is particularly useful for tall walls in architecturally sensitive  areas.